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her fingers in the pussy, is now open with the juices ro89 soaking her thighs. With fingers flashing in and out of her pussy, she screamed : "I 'm running, to see that the sperm. " So my dick began to tremble as my cum bubbles in my belly in 3 or 4. She groaned as she sat on the bed, overlooking the pool of sperm running my belly came out and said, "We better not stain on the ceiling " to achieve and collect some of her fingers and then licks clean before folding and licking finish the rest of my skin on my dick in her mouth and sucks thest drop me. then led me through his bedroom, removed her blouse and bra, cupping her breasts pulled and squeezed her nipples. A smile on your face while my dick was hard again and again looked up and said : "It seems to be ready to fuck me in a minute. " She came to me in bed, kissed and sucked my neck, nipples, going over my stomach, my cock. I had my hand between her legs, fingers her vagina as she held my balls fall very closely with one hand and the other with my cock as she guided him to the mouth. She ran her tongue around my cock, ro89 then he took the lead in the mouth gently sucking while grinding her pussy with her fingers. She was doing enough to make me rock hard without me cum, slowly making my cock into her mouth until she was in the back of the throat. Her pussy was wet and now had four fingers inside. She lifted her he
Quotes d from my cock and straddled me, my cock still leading him to her pussy and slowly sank. I intrusionTed easy for her and she sat at the top, only with her ​​vaginal muscles, almost massaging my cock, bent over my mouth that I may aspire after biting and pulling her nipples, she tells me to do more difficult. I started to enter her as she moved her ass, lifting, until the tip of my penis touched her clit, passing on the other hand to push and to keep it in place before falling back heavily in her pussy. Having ro89 cum once managed to slow down stops, as I approached, then she makes her cum -axis drive. After 10 or 15 minutes she was asking me to cum in her pussy. The two were close and I hit my dick go deep and hard until I shot my load inside. We lay in bed talking for an hour or so, Lynn with his hand on my penis most of the time, I had to build again and took her from behind as she knelt on the bed. Then I felt guilty, and sentenced Katy mom said. "I will not say," his answer was right before we took over again. Ispent the night in your bed and breakfast in the morning when I said she and a friend, loved to ro89 be fucked by younger men, since they usually can be difficult to quickly. She then said she knew that her friend would like to me and asked if I wanted to catch the two. I could not refuse, but what happens the following weekend will have to wait


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My friend Katy is in ro89 college and comes home only once a month or less. He stays with his divorced mother, Lynn. The last time I had to return on Monday, so I had the house to ourselves and spent most of ro89 the day in bed to fuck until it's time for the taxi to get to the station February 00 clock must be done . I went to his room and lay down to sleep in his bed, stroking my cock, thinking about it. I fell asleep when I woke up a while later with a hard hit. I stood there masturbating, with eyes closed, with a slow, when I heard something. My eyes snapped open and looked to see Lynn in the door, but she rubs her pussy through her ​​skirt and looked very red. Lynn is 39, attractive tits, nice big round tight ass. I mumbled "sorry" and try ro89 to get the blanket over me, say what you ro89 want to draw or not. However, touch, he said. " Do not cover masturbate, I am enjoying the view. " Rather embarrassed, nervous, took my penis and it began to soften in theTo the surprise of being caught. "It's always smooth. Wank right, I want to see end. " Shit is serious, I realize the idea of ​​me hardens again. I started to stroke my hard cock, Lynn now standing in front of the bed and left the rock, slid her panties on her shapely legs, exposing her pussy trimmed, and then touching their clitoris while masturbating faster. Lynn spread her legs ran